Monday, May 6, 2013

Grown Up Toys!!!

When I was a kid my friends and I played with Barbie & Ken, army men, GI Joe, and Tonka trucks (the cool metal kind that lasted forever). We innocently changed their clothes, combed their hair and took them on wonderful adventures in our backyards. As we got older and became aware that boys had penises, girls had vagina's and romantic relationships between the two existed, our interest in Barbie, Ken and Joe became a little more...shall we say... curious. I'm sad to report that in the end, Barbie left Ken for was very emotional for everybody.

Now that I am an adult and fully aware of what can be done with a penis and vagina, my selection in toys is a lot more fun! Adding an adult toy or toys to your sex play can completely enhance the experience. In my opinion having toys on the scene makes the play last a little longer and that is always a good thing. I think that every adult should have some toys for play with a partner and play with one's self. I keep my toys close by in a drawer next to my bed (I like keeping them close at hand, you never know).

One of my favorite toys is called a "Love Ring" or "Cock Ring". Ever heard of it? Slip this small little thing on a man's penis, turn it on then give him head...he is going to be a VERY happy man. If you use the palm of your hand and press it closer to the shaft it will give him a sensation that he won't soon forget. Using this little toy would have your man at work having flashbacks! But this little toy is not all about, no, no! It is GREAT at stimulating the clit, massages the inside of the vagina and turns his penis into the best vibrator you would ever use.

The site I like to use to purchase my toys is because they are secure, discrete and best of all I can usually find a discount! Like right now if you use LETSPLAY you can get 10% off on their products for the entire month of May. If you like their Facebook page you will always get their latest discounts.

So go out and start or build on your toy collection! And I would love to hear anyone's story on how much fun they had with their toy of choice.