Sunday, May 5, 2013

Me & Missionary

Ok, so I'm not saying missionary is a bad thing. What I am saying is there is more to sex than just laying in one spot pretending it's "good" when you know you are actually thinking about the laundry. Now don't get me wrong, said guy/girl is not thinking about the laundry just because they are doing missionary, but if that is the only thing you have in your box of tricks then BOY are you missing out on a lot of fun!

I strongly believe sex should be FUN! Seriously, why do it if you are not going to enjoy yourself? I mean, having sex just for the sake of having sex is Having sex with your partner and being able to fall apart panting and/or that's the Jones!

Oh, and I'm going to go ahead and put this disclaimer out there. Hopping from bed to bed and having beaucoup (yeah I'm from New Orleans) different partners is not my thing so it's not something that I can speak on. I have one partner and we have lots of fun so I will be mostly talking about that. YES I will be sharing my sexploits with you.

So here is a little about me. I'm a writer, so I'll be sharing links to my free erotic stories in later post. I was born and raised in New Orleans! I don't care what anyone says, it's one of the most exotic and beautiful places to grow up...I love my city. So of course you can guess...big, huge, Saint's fan!

I'm not married but I do have one sex partner (that's the way I like it) and we have been sexual with each other long enough for me to be VERY comfortable and try all types of new and fun things.

So follow my sexploits and maybe you might find some fun stuff for you and yours to do!